Windows Dedicated Server Hosting, Will It Be Your Best Choice?

When building a website, there are many things you need to take into account. A thing that sometimes makes website owner overwhelmed is choosing hosting provider. With many choices available out there, you are free to choose one that suits the website. is a popular Windows dedicated server in Europe, and is known as[…]

Leave A2 ASP.NET Hosting for These Alternatives: Top 3 Choices

A2 ASP.NET users are furious, following the security problem it encountered recently. Even though this web host has taken a myriad ways to overcome malware and resolve security breach, not few of A2 customers start to consider other hosting partners that are more reliable. The reason is real, ASP.NET hosting is essential to make any[…]

ASPHostPortal: Is It A Worth Purchasing ASP.NET Core Hosting?

When it comes to choosing ASP.NET core hosting, there is wide array of available choices out there. Most of them provide different services and features that can be chosen according to your website needs. Regardless the convenience to choose one that you like the most, it may put you in a confusion. In a condition[…]

Best and Recommended ASP.NET Core 1.0 Hosting For .NET Developers

A significant problem with the new versions of ASP.NET is that they aren’t backwards compatible with previous versions. This isn’t just a matter of having slightly different behaviors or APIs, but this is essentially a complete rewrite with a significant amount of functionality being dropped. To eliminate this problem, Microsoft is starting the numbering scheme.  The[…]

Best & Cheap Classic ASP Hosting in Europe

In major weight is on n-tier architecture in the application development and there is separation of data presentation, business logic and data access layers. In classic ASP these layers are mixed leading to the development of ineffective solutions with huge architecture that are difficult to sustain. The offers object oriented approach for the[…]

Best and Cheap Classic ASP Hosting

ASP (Active Server Pages) or also known as Classic ASP is Microsoft’s server side script engine for dynamically generated web pages. It is released as an add-on to Internet Information Services using in the Windows NT 4.0 option pack. ASP and ASP.NET both have the performance, scalability and stability when it comes to web hosting.[…]

Cheap and Reliable Silverlight 5 Hosting

Cheap and Reliable Silverlight 5 Hosting – ASP.NET 5 Hosting | Silverlight 5 applications can be written in any .NET programming language. As such, any development tools which can be used with .NET languages can work with Silverlight 5, provided they can target the Silverlight CoreCLR for hosting the application, instead of the .NET Framework[…]

Best, Cheap, Reliable ASP.NET Core RC 2 Hosting –

Best, Cheap, Reliable ASP.NET Core RC 2 Hosting | In the world of web hosting especially ASP.NET Core RC 2 Hosting in United States, there is really a single name and company that comes up with far more frequency than almost any other – Best, Cheap, Reliable ASP.NET Core RC 2 Hosting offers ASP.NET[…]